Free Boiler Scheme 2020

Which includes your underfloor insulation
Why replace your boiler?

As you well know, technology is ever evolving. With constant breakthroughs it means not only are we constantly surprised with what is being invented, we are astounded by the efficiency and convenience in which we have at our fingertips and plays a massive part in efficiency.


Boilers that are several years old are way down the efficiency chain. Therefore, over the last twenty years, the A-G energy efficiency rating card has been applied to every appliance to ensure everybody knows how much money they are using.


Boilers built twenty years ago were ‘built to last’ but unfortunately, they burn far too much gas compared to a boiler that is built to day – some £300 a year more. This means that although your boiler is ‘working fine’ it has also cost up to £6000 more in gas over the last two decades. This is why you should consider the Boiler grants we offer for free under the UK Government ECO Scheme.

Available Grants
With our new A rated boilers, that will be funded under the ECO3 scheme in Birmingham, you will have peace of mind that your boiler is working for you – not against you. The free boiler scheme in Birmingham will improve energy efficiency, reduce your gas bills. You will be also be contributing to reduce the UK carbon footprint.
Many older houses with suspended timber floors have big draughts and do not have any floor insulation; this can cause cold feet as well as higher energy bills. Installing free underfloor insulation in Birmingham can address both these problems.
Our loft insultation grants in Birmingham is where we install insulation boarding in between the rafters underneath existing plasterboard walls to help keep the heat inside. This will save you money on your heating bills!
The cavity wall insultation grant in Birmingham we offer is used to reduce heat loss by filling the air space with material that inhibits heat transfer. This immobilises the air within the cavity, preventing convection, and can substantially reduce space heating costs.
Our first-time central heating grant in Birmingham is for customers who are ECO3 qualifying and have no central heating system at present, in other terms no radiators present. Some examples include only having solid fuel fires, electric storage heaters, gas fire or electric plug in heaters.
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Electric Storage Heaters

Get storage heaters fitted on the ECO Scheme in Birmingham. By using a storage heater, it allows customers on these tariffs to use cheaper off-peak electricity to heat their home during the day.

Do You Qualify?

Finding out if you qualify for the free boiler replacement grant is very easy. All you need to do is tick FOUR boxes – are you a homeowner? Is the bottom floor of your household suspended flooring (made up of floorboards and NOT concrete)? Does anyone in the household claim benefits/tax credits (again, please see the list of benefits that qualify and ensure that one is claimed within the household)? And lastly, is your boiler 7 years old (or older) … If all of these can be answered positively. Then you qualify for a free boiler installation in Birmingham.
Child Tax Credits
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Find Out in 60 Seconds if you qualify?

This is a Government Backed Scheme
How it WOrks?
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Onsite Survey

We offer a free no obligation survey to see if you require any energy saving measures in your home. We will give you all the information on recommendations to allow you to make your own decision.
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We are funder accredited; we have no middlemen to deal with – ensuring a clean, swift process from start to finish. We aim typically to have your boiler installed within 10 working days of your enquiry.

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After Care

We have dedicated account managers that will look after your specific case. Ensuring the person helping you has been there from the very start.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s sometimes referred to as ‘the free boiler scheme’ but the official title is the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Scheme. It’s officially led by the Government which has instructed the Big Six energy companies such as; British Gas, EDF and SSE to help low income and vulnerable households replace their inefficient or broken boilers and/or improve insulation measures.


The scheme was initially meant to run until 2015 but has now been extended until 2022. As a company we are quite surprised by the last extension (from 2020-2022) and hope that they fulfil this time period – so please enquire about your funding before it’s too late.


If you qualify, the ECO3 boiler scheme can help you obtain a highly discounted or even a completely FREE boiler.

There is a standard two year warranty on your newly installed boiler – no matter what make you go for (free or contributed). If you choose to extend the warranty all you need to do is ring the supplier directly and at a nominal cost you can extend that warranty to five years.

There is mainly just two areas in which a small contribution will be asked of you;
If you opt to have a Worcester Bosch or Vaillant boiler, instead of the chosen Ideal Logics that we install, then a small contribution will be discussed. This is purely because a Worcester Bosch or Vaillant are so much more expensive that the conventional Ideals and the funding for your household gets swallowed by this cost alone.


If the boiler in your household is not up to gas safe safety regulations, then the new boiler will have to pass all the checklist before it is signed off. We find that some houses need a new ‘gas run’ from the gas meter to the boiler or the piping needs to be expanded from 15mm to 22mm – this is mainly identified on boilers over 10 years old. Each house is different, and each contribution will be discussed directly with the customer.

We pride ourselves in our workmanship and attention to detail. Rest assured that all of our workers are fully insured and anything that our contractor’s damages will be replaced.

We aim to complete your installation is the quickest time possible! Between the initial contact from yourself until you close your front door on installation day, we will all work as a team to get this done. As you can understand due to the funding being available to you, they will require different bits of information – so the quicker you can get it to us, the quicker we can get the job done for you.

The replacement boiler will be like for like in ‘performance’ and ‘power’. Not the make of the boiler itself. The KW will be matched, and the new boiler will be more efficient than your current one – saving you £100’s on your gas bills.


That doesn’t mean to say that you can’t have the same make of boiler as you already have – but if the brand is a ‘market leader’– that’s where we ask for a small contribution to help with the extra cost.

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Here at Simply Green Energy, we are extremely passionate on helping as many people as we can be to aware that there is funding for heating measures. We want to keep everybody’s gas bills as small as possible – so installing the most efficient measures goes a very long way in reducing those bills.


We are into our second year as a company, but our experience as a collective stretch back nearly a decade. We have been helping potential customers obtain a free, or discounted boiler since 2015!


We have a network of underfloor installers, surveyors and gas safe engineers, that stretch from London to Birmingham as well as a dedicated office team to ensure that everything that needs to be is done.

Please feel free to follow the steps on the enquiry form and hopefully you will be another customer benefiting from the free government scheme.

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