A Guide to Solid Wall Insulation

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Did you know cavity wall insulation can’t be used on a solid wall? There aren’t any gaps between the exterior and interior walls.

Insulation can not only be used to prevent heat from escaping the building, but it can also protect the environment. The insulation acts as a thermal guard to reduce the amount of heat loss and ensure your home can remain warmer; the insulation also works to protect the environment of your home by preventing moisture and reducing the chances of damp occurring.

guide to wall insulation

Why should you use solid wall insulation?

Insulating a solid wall from the outside or inside can be done. The walls are the protection of your house. Therefore, it is important to insulate them so that you can maintain a comfortable environment. The insulation of the exterior walls surrounding your house will protect you from temperature and cold air. Wall insulations can be installed to maintain temperature control and protect your home from weather extremes. Insulating solid wall insulation will cost more than standard cavity insulation, but you will save more on your heating bills.

Benefits of wall insulation

Thermal guard 
Solid wall insulation protects your home from moisture and cold air. It also maintains a comfortable temperature by trapping heat flow and covering the entire housing in an airtight seal so they cannot penetrate.

Energy and cost-saving 
Un-insulated houses are a waste of energy. Heat escapes and HVAC systems are needed to save energy. Insulating your walls can help you save both money and energy.

Comfort is certain if you have internal wall insulation installed in your home. You can keep your home comfortable all year round, whether you want to stay warm in winter or cool in summer.

Because of its durability, solid wall insulation has a long-life expectancy. Insulation lasts for many years, and you don’t need to worry about maintenance after it is installed.

Bottom Line
Uninsulated cavity walls could cause you to lose up to 33% in heating. A grant for cavity wall insulation grants is intended to reduce your electric bill, even if it is not possible to afford a standard installation. For more information or to get the best services, contact us now at 0121 707 8369.

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