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London’s cavity wall insulation grant helps those who suffer from heat loss caused by cavity walls; the grant will pay for your cavity wall to be filled and insulated, which means that the heat is trapped and cannot escape.

The insulation material stops the air from passing within the cavity, which prevents heat from escaping via convection, which can reduce the cost of heating your home.

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Grants for cavity wall insulation London

The cavity wall insulation grant in London has been created to help those who lose heat due to cavity walls; whether you are attached to your main house or your extension, SimpleGreenEnergy can help. The grant was initially from the Government as a part of their green deal energy efficiency scheme, but energy companies now supply the grants as a part of ECO (Energy companies’ obligation).

With the increasing costs of keeping your house warm, it’s better to take advantage of these schemes because you could get the total price of your insulation in London paid. Did you know that cavity walls could be responsible for up to 33% loss of your home’s heating? Don’t let your money and heat escape through cavity walls. Find out if you’re eligible for a cavity wall grant in London today.

If you qualify for cavity wall insulation in London, you could end up getting the total cost of your cavity wall insulation paid for by the grant. The property needs to be occupied when the survey takes place and can be privately owned or rented to qualify.

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Simple Green’s Cavity Wall Process

You could be losing up to 33% of heating because of uninsulated cavity walls. The main reason for a cavity wall insulation grant is to lower your electric bills even if you cannot afford a standard installation.

Cavity wall insultation grant Birmingham

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We are funder accredited; we have no middlemen to deal with – ensuring a clean, swift process from start to finish. We aim typically to have your boiler installed within 10 working days of your enquiry.

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